About Our Leaders


Who Are Pastor & Lady Magee


Pastor Gregg S. Magee, Sr. is the founder and senior pastor of Empowerment Ministries Christian Center.  A respected spiritual and community leader who is committed to providing programs, resources, and services to help people overcome life’s challenges.  He is committed to unconditional outreach, and leads the rapidly growing culturally diverse congregation of Empowerment Ministries Christian Center with integrity and excellence.


Pastor Magee founded Empowerment Ministries Christian Center on God’s great love to see people reconciled to God and delivered from the blinding tactics of the evil one that would hinder individuals from fulfilling their life’s purpose.  He often challenges the congregation with this thought, “You are more than what you have become”.  He firmly believes that no matter what your struggles are (Physically, Mentally, Bodily, Financially, etc.) you can overcome them through the principals of the Word of God and maintain deliverance through the power of the Spirit of God.


Pastor Magee has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Master’s of Business Administration and a Master’s in Christian Counseling from William Carey University.  He is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Seminary which allows him to be more than a well-versed preacher, but also enables him to effectively manage the day-to-day activities that play a vital role in church growth and ministry longevity.  He is honored to be married to First Lady Irene T. Magee and they have five children.


Lady Irene T. Magee, affectionately referred to as “Lady Magee” is a native of Philadelphia, Mississippi, the wife of Pastor Magee, and the First Lady of Empowerment Ministries Christian Center.  A Christian woman of virtue, poise, and grace, Lady Magee is known for her endless love and tireless drive to pour unreservedly into the women and teens of Empowerment Ministries.  Lady Magee holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Southern Mississippi.  


Lady Magee’s passion is ministering to women who are broken and hurting and assisting them in achieving spiritual and emotional wholeness.  One of her primary goals is to help women discover their God-given purpose.  Both in word and deed, she encourages women to be naturally and spiritually healthy.  She also has a love for teens especially those who are growing up without positive role models in their lives. 


Lady Magee is a woman of true character, and she handles her obligation to serve in ministry alongside her husband with superb devotion.  She is the model “First Lady” and takes her responsibilities as a wife, involved mother of five children and servant of the kingdom very seriously.